Other Services provided by the Bank of Stronghurst include the following:

Telephone Banking

We offer PhoneBank 24 to our customers.

Night Depository

Deposits may be made to any checking or savings account through our night depository at any of our three locations.  Loan payments can also be made.

Cashiers Checks / Personal Money Orders

Both Cashiers Checks and Personal Money Orders are offered by Bank of Stronghurst.

Coin Machine

Coin counting is available at all three branch locations.

Fax / Notary / Copies 

We provide fax, notary, copies, and State of Illinois license sticker service.

Wire Transfers

We provide this service to our customers.

Savings Bonds

Effective January 1, 2012, you will no longer be able to purchase savings bonds at any bank.  You may continue to purchase bonds through the internet at www.treasurydirect.gov.

Savings bonds may still be redeemed at our bank by our customers.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We can provide you with various sizes of Safe Deposit Boxes at our Main Office in Stronghurst, IL and at Dallas Banking Center in Dallas City, IL.

Henderson County and Hancock County Real Estate Tax Payments

We are a convenient location for you to pay your annual property taxes.

Please contact one of our locations for additional information on any of these services.